The State of New York Estate of Mind

For those who have been actively reading this blog over the past two years, you have likely noticed that I have not posted new content since this past July.  


There are many reasons for this inactivity, but overall, it comes down to time.  Time is something that is always in limited supply and over the past few months, time is something I have simply been in short supply of.  Because of this, some things have fallen down the priority list and one of them is this blog.


With that said, this blog and the importance of keeping those who read it educated and informed on the area of estate planning and estate administration remains incredibly important to me.  A lack of time does not change that and there are several posts that I have been planning and will tackle in the coming weeks.  


On November 25th, the two year anniversary of this blog, I will return to a regular schedule of updating this blog on a biweekly basis.   If the need or the ability to update it more frequently, I will certainly do so.


Thank you all for your support and understanding.  Most importantly, thank you for reading!

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